« The djembe is not only a musical instrument, it can also talk », says Mamady Keita, one of the most recognized djembe master in the world. To make a djembe talk, you must know and understand its vocabulary and its « words » in order to make phrases out of it. Otherwise, all  you can do is making noise… This learning method will teach you some vocabulary and how to use it to build your own djembe solos.


There are two types of african rhythms: binary and ternary; Binary means divisible by two and ternary means divisible by three. You should build your solos distinctly wether the rhythm is binary or ternary, that is why, there are two books Method Djembe Solo.

You dont need to know how to read music to use Method Djembe Solo. In fact the books use a simple notation system and a progressive approach. (see demo section)

Method djembe solo is a very efficient way to learn the musical vocabulary you need to build your solos.

Here is (as an example) the content of Method Djembe Solo for binary rhythm :

 40 "syncopation" exercises  (learning to play on the pulse)

- 60 solo phrases

- A Famoudou Konate's solo

- 9 long solos
- The tripplets

- The flams

- The rolls

- The «chauffé »

- Explanations about the handing (arm movements) 

- Explanations about how to build a solo 

- More than 300 audio files; 7 practice tracks

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