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Biography of Mathieu Charrois

Mathieu discovered african percussions in 2004. He started taking courses with Sadio Sissokho, who he still plays with in the group Mafrica as form the group Nankama. Mathieu is also a member of the troop Kammbéon from the School Afrique en Mouvement. In 2007, he completed a 10 day workshop with Mamady Keita in San Diego, California. He took many workshop with Mamady Keita, Famoudou Konate and Billy Konate. In January 2008, he spent a month in Guinea for a second intensive workshop with Mamady Keita, Sékou Keita and Koumgbanan Condé. Parallel with djembe, Mathieu also has an interest for congas. He first started learning congas with Kiko Osorio, a cuban percussionist living in Montreal, who introduced Mathieu to afro-cuban rhythms. Then he took private lessons with several professional percussionists in Havana, Cuba.

Learning to improvise is a personnal work that can be improved with the practice of exercises. Being a self-taught, I developped a teaching technique to help my students become independant and able to play and learn without having any solfa knowledge at all.


Koumgbanan Condé and me

Mamady Keita and me

Sékou "Balandugu" Keita and me

Aimee Kassi and me

Senaya and me